Getting Started

Japan Certification Quiz

To build an Ambit Energy business in the Japan, each new Consultant must become certified by Ambit Energy. This certification process will take approximately 15 minutes to complete requiring you to take a multiple choice quiz. Be sure to take your USA Certification quiz today!

New Consultant Training Video - JAPAN

Jump start your business by watching this video. You will learn the proven system on how to build your business.

Getting Started Guide

This is a quick reference tool that will help the new Consultant see exactly what they need to do to Jump Start their business. 

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Written List Template

Completing the Written List is a critical step to your success. Write down everyone you know (i.e. friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, schoolmates, physicians, etc) without pre-judging them. This list of peoples’ names is the inventory to your business. This Written List should be continually evolving and growing daily. It is the number one tool you have to begin growing your business!