Retired at 30 From Corporate America to Full-Time Work From Home Mom

Sherell Slaise
TeamJEDIS Leader

Executive Consultant, Ambit Energy

Pure Energy Award Winner

5-Star Club Earner

Comma Club Member

“Having Control of My Time is Living the Life of My Dreams. I was seeking Time Freedom.”

Sherell completed her corporate career at age 30 and began her entrepreneurial pursuit initially in real estate. She became an entrepreneur because she wanted control of her life…control of her time…control of her money! Quickly Sherell learned the power of building a network – if she recruited real estate agents that worked for her company, developed systems to support them, she could achieve passive income through her team’s productivity and growth. This was Sherell’s first introduction to leveraged income through the efforts of a team. Unfortunately, the real estate business model is not recession proof and in 2009 all of her agents left the industry. Now Sherell was a sole proprietor and building a real estate brokerage based solely on one-time commissions. This became increasingly difficult for Sherell because she met her husband Rahim during this time and began building a family that soon demanded her time as well.

“I was conflicted because I wanted MORE income and I needed MORE time. So, I searched for a better way!”

It was during this time the Network Marketing Industry came to her rescue! Sherell’s father had been requesting her to watch an “opportunity video” for Ambit Energy for almost a year! I wouldn’t make time to watch it. My excuse – too busy with my current business that was bankrupting my time.

“In retrospect, it’s funny to think about how busy I was in my company that I was unwilling to look at an opportunity that would be the answer to my busy schedule.”

The Ambit Energy business opportunity’s value proposition is … (1) It’s a part-time business that she could build at home, (2) it utilizes a network of like-minded people that use a proven system that will pay her leveraged income, (3) it promises to pay residual income on a utility service that EVERYONE is already using, and (4) nothing changes for the customer so she wouldn’t have to sell anything. This made TOTAL sense! Rahim and Sherell had just given birth to their first born son (Carter) and was 9 months pregnant with their second son (Parker). Sherell had no vision or passion to run around the streets of Chicago showing homes with two infants in her arms! So, together, they invested in Ambit Energy!

Sherell dug both feet into their new home business and began building it part-time (a couple hours a week). In 6 weeks, Sherell promoted to the first leadership level as Regional Consultant, promoted again to Senior Consultant, and now is at the top of the company as an Executive Consultant! Today, Sherell is a proud Network Marketing Professional leading, inspiring, and training other leaders in this profession.

“It’s really true that if you are consistent and persistent over a period of time, you can receive recession-proof residual income with Ambit Energy. We have free electricity and gas in our home and we’ve never missed receiving a monthly residual income check since we’ve started the business. The residual money keeps coming every month and continues to increase because it’s based on an essential service that everyone uses.

Ambit Energy is changing Sherell’s life and it continues to bless her family. Her husband (Rahim), makes periodic public appearances at business events; as her business partner he prefers to watch their three beautiful children (Carter – 8, Parker – 6, Tandrea -4) while mommy builds the family business.

Sherell is honored to become a member of her company’s 5-Star Club that recognizes top producers and receive high recognition with the company’s Pure Energy Award!

Sherell’s focus is on finding and investing in leaders that want to grow, learn and excel in business.